Compliments, Complaints, Suggestions

SA Country Carers welcomes all feedback about any aspect of the support that we provide.

Compliments are always reassuring, but complaints are equally valid. If we don’t know that something is unsatisfactory from our Carers’ viewpoint, we cannot do anything about fixing it.

And of course any suggestions about how we go about offering and providing support, or any other aspect of our operation, will be gratefully received.

There are several ways of making your concerns or suggestions known:

We have a formal compliments and complaints scheme with a form which you can complete and either email or post to us. To access the form please click the link below

Compliments and Complaints form

Alternatively, you may:

  • complete a suggestion form and place it in a suggestion box at either our Clare or Balaklava office, or
  • you may speak directly to one of our staff members, or
  • just write a letter or an email to

Whichever method you use we undertake to acknowledge your compliment or complaint within three working days, and provide a formal response within two weeks.

Of course we will need your name to be able to reply to your concern – we cannot respond to anonymous messages. However we guarantee that your access to future support will not be compromised by making a complaint.

Finally, if you prefer, or if you are not satisfied by our response, or it seems to be taking too long, you may contact any of a number of external agencies (click here for links) with your concern.