SA Country Carers are lucky to have an amazing group of Volunteers, who help in various roles within the organisation –  including client transport, providing additional support on Carer outings, admin assistance, telephone support, property maintenance, as well as our Board members.

If you would like to Volunteer, please contact us on 1300 686 405 for more information or click here to see our Volunteer Information Booklet


Past Volunteer testimonials

Shirley Volunteering“Retirement and moving to Balaklava left a huge void in my life. Looking to fill this void took me into a whole new and exciting aspect of my life. As a Volunteer I am able to make new friends, I feel a part of the community and I am able to utilise some of the skills I had acquired during work life.”

– Shirley, Office Volunteer

Jenny“I took up volunteering as a way of staying connected…I also felt I was able to “give back”, using my past experiences and life skills. My time at SA Country Carers was interesting and worthwhile…I also had fun mixing with the staff and had a sense of belonging to the team.”

– Jenny, Telephone Support Service Volunteer

I used to be the perfect housewife, with not a speck of dust to see.
 And with oh- so- perfect children, all cool about loving me.
But they have up and left, their sweethearts in their hearts. 
And I’ve been left with the Old Boss, the romantic he-man of the hearth. 
But I have found Volunteering and this is my salvation.
The few hours lift my spirits, I join friends with meaningful work…..
and the spiders lie low in the corners of my house for another day.


A poem by Judy, Telephone Support Service Mentor